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If you can't find it at, you probably can't find it anywhere! This site's database of 25,000+ essays is easily searched by keyword OR by selecting the subjects button on the toolbar above. I've made it as easy as I could for everyone to get 'hooked up! ' If you have a broad topic, do a subject search. Specific topic? Do a keyword search!  Once you find a few essays you like, go ahead and click the order button OR email me with the file names of those essays you're interested in... Within just a few hours, you'll receive free excerpts from each of them! Even if you don't find an existing essay on my site, The Paper Store will CUSTOMIZE one on ANYTHING you want by selecting the custom essays option! 

How do i choose between on-file and custom essays?
Simple! If you find a useful essay while searching our database, choose THAT one-- it's only $ 9.95 /page with a free bibliography! If you CAN'T find anything helpful amidst the huge database of 25,000+ essays (it's hard to imagine anyone not finding something on their topic though!), THEN you'd want to select the custom essays option for $ 19.95 /page-- with a guaranteed completion date. So check out my whole site... see if The Paper Store already has what you want. If not, just mouse-click the custom essays button to have a new essay created from scratch!


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