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Papers On Greek & Roman Literature
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Odysseus and Aeneas Compared
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A 5 page paper contrasting Homer’s Odysseus (from the Odyssey) with Virgil’s Aeneas (from the Aeneid). The paper concludes that the traits each author considered admirable are very much dependent on the culture which defined them. No additional sources.
Filename: KBhomer2.wps

Penelope & Scheherazade / Playing for Time
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A 2 page look at the delaying strategies these heroines use in order to stall what otherwise seems like an inevitable fate. Homer's Odyssey and the anonymous Arabic tale The Thousand and One Nights are referred to but not cited. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Playtime.wps

Role of Women in The Odyssey
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A 3 page look at the portrayal of women in Homer's 'Odyssey.' Mostly focused upon is Penelope -- who, although strong-willed in resisting the suitors was still ultimately powerless when it came to getting rid of all the men who daunted her. She is stereotypically depicted as a woman whose main answer to her troubles is to sit for a year and sew--waiting to see if her husband returns. Bibliography lists 1 supporting sources.
Filename: Odysswin.doc

Symbolism in 'The Iliad' Analyzed
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A 7 page paper (+ 1 pg. Roman numeral outline) which discusses how Homer used symbolism to underscore the classical themes of heroism, romanticism and patriotism in his epic poem, 'The Iliad.' Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Iliadsym.wps

The Odyssey And The Aeneid
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There is within each person a child and that child is need of certain beliefs. It seems to be almost an innate need to have heroes to look up to and to emulate. The myths of all cultures provide the youth with heroes and advice as to live their lives. The Odyssey by Homer and The Aeneid by Virgil are two such myths. This 6 page paper compares these two myths and their heroes. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: KTaenody.wps

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