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Papers On Literature
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“The Chrysanthemums”
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A five page paper which looks at John Steinbeck’s short story The Chrysanthemums, particularly with reference to the way he delineates stereotypical social attitudes towards women and the conflict between men and women which arises from misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: JL2chrys.wps

“The Collectors” by Rohinton Mistry
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A 5 page paper which examines the irony and relationships in Rohinton Mistry’s “The Collectors.” No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAcollct.rtf

“The concept of fortune in Machiavelli’s The Prince”
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A five page paper which looks at Machiavelli’s perspective on the importance of good and bad fortune in politics, and the way in which a skilful statesman should have the ability to make use of, but not reply upon, the fortuitous events which might occur in his career. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: JLfortuneprince.wps

“The concept of identity in Genet’s The Maids”
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A paper which looks at Jean Genet’s play, The Maids, in terms of the way in which he presents the concept of identity as evinced by gender roles, social and cultural values, the ambiguity of the female role and the way in which identity can be deliberately reconstructed and redefined through the power of the imagination.
Filename: JLgenet.doc

“The concept of time in Thoreau’s Walden”
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A six page paper which looks at the way in which Thoreau treats the concept of time in ‘Walden’, the importance which he attaches to the notion of time in relation to the cycle of the seasons, his criticism of the superficiality and time-wasting of urban dwellers and the importance he attaches to the relationship between human beings and the environment in understanding how to use one’s time to the full. Bibliography lists 4 sources
Filename: JLWalden.rtf

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