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Papers On Literature
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Joseph Conrad's 'The Heart of Darkness' / Modernism # 2
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This 5 page report presents a working definition of the concept of modernism, especially in terms of Joseph Conrad's 'The Heart of Darkness.' Comparisons between modernism and 'traditional' romantic overtures are also discussed. Bibliography lists only the book itself as a source.
Filename: Modheart.wps

Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Sharer'
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A 5 page essay discussing the relationship between Leggatt and the Young Captain in Conrad's mariner tale. The writer posits that the characterization and supporting symbolism all point to the theme of growth—by overcoming fear.
Filename: Secrshar.doc

Joseph Conrad's 'Typhoon'
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A 5 page book report which provides an overview of Joseph Conrad's 1903 novel, 'Typhoon.' Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: Typhoon.doc

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness / A Cultural Perspective
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A 5 page paper looking at this important novel by Joseph Conrad against the backdrop of his society's racist views. The paper charges that because Western readers of the early twentieth century were so thoroughly convinced that African culture was inhuman and bestial, they would have been incapable of seeing Conrad's intrinsic sympathy for his black characters and their oppressed civilization. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: KBconrd2.wps

The Failure of Western Civilization in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”
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A five page paper analyzing how Kurtz, the enigmatic central figure in Joseph Conrad’s novel, represents the failure of Western civilization. The paper asserts that society has a light side and a dark side, and by constantly harping on the optimism of rationalism and progress and denying the existence of any dark side at all, society unwittingly becomes the dark side’s prey. No additional sources.
Filename: KBconrad.wps.

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