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Papers On History
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British Poor Laws & Social Welfare
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A 5 page paper that discusses the 1834 Poor Law Reform in England and considers it as a precursor for social welfare. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: Poorlaw.wps

Broken Promises: The Penns and the Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indians
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In seventeen pages this paper examines the respectful and harmonious relationship William Penn cultivated with the Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indians who were residing in Pennsylvania during the seventeenth century and how the promises he made to them in good faith regarding their land were subsequently broken after his death by his greedy sons Thomas and John. Eight sources are listed in the bibliography.
Filename: TGlenape.rtf

Brown vs. Board of Ed -- Its Impact Today
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In this 7 page paper, the writer analyzes the impact of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education decision of 1954. It is demonstrated that, although the Supreme Court had good intentions when deciding against segregation, the hidden racial agendas caused by this decision have had lasting effects. After over 40 years, the positive affects of the decision are questioned. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: Brownvs.wps

Brownsville, Brooklyn
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A 4 page book review that argues that Wendell Pritchett's goal in his text Brownsville, Brooklyn: Blacks, Jews and the Changing Face of the Ghetto-- a community study of a section of Brooklyn, New York known as Brownsville --is to provide a complete sociological profile of this neighborhood. Pritchett begins in the late nineteenth century and carries the history of the neighborhood forward to the present, addressing significant events. The principal point of Pritchett's analysis is found in the relationship, over time, between the faculties of human agency and bureaucratic public policymaking, as the residents of Brownsville's ever-changing populace endeavored to construct a sustainable community in the face of governmental ineptitude and misconceived urban policies. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: khbrsbrk.rtf

Bruce Borland's America Through the Eyes of its People
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5 pages. During the 1865 to 1929 timeframe many scholars believe the economic, political and social rights of all people improved in the United States of America. This paper will, through the use of Bruce Borland's text America Through the Eyes of its People, examine this hypothesis to determine whether certain sectors of society believe this to be true. Through references and examples this paper will consider the African Americans, Native Americans, children, women, and Immigrants of this period and whether or not they truly improved in all ways politically, socially and economically. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: JGAbrlnd.wps

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