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Papers On Nursing : Birth Through Death
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Article Critique/Acupuncture v. Placebo
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A 7 page article critique that summarizes and analyzes a study performed by White, et al (2004), which investigated the efficacy of acupuncture treatments, versus placebo, in relieving chronic mechanical neck pain. No other sources cited.
Filename: khcmnp.rtf

Article Critique/Awareness of Impending Death
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A 6 page article critique that examines a study performed by Franke and Willems in 2005, which pertained to the awareness of terminally ill Dutch patients concerning their impending death and how this can be related to their care needs. The writer summarizes and analyzes the various sections of the research. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khawdea.rtf

Article Critique/Cancer Patient Distress
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A 6 page article critique that address a study conducted by Mystakiclou, et al (2006) that pertained to the evaluation of psychological distress as related to pain perception in cancer patients. The writer summarizes and evaluates the sections of the study article, discussing the significance of the findings. No additional sources cite.
Filename: khcanpan.rtf

Article Critique/Cardiac Rehab Nursing
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A 6 page article critique that summarizes and evaluates a qualitative research study conducted by Conway, McMiillan and Solomon (2006) that describes nursing practice in a cardiac step-down unit in New South Wales. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khcsdu.rtf

Article Critique/Comparison of 2 Flushing Solutions
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A 3 page article critique that offers a complete overview of a 1994 study on IV flushing solutions. This study was initiated due to the fact that empirical evidence links heparin inducted thrombocytopoenia (HIT) to the use of "prolonged flushing intermittent IV cannula" with "heparinised saline" (p. 174). Therefore, this study was initiated to determine if this solution was a superior flushing agent to normal saline. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khivfl.rtf

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