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Papers On Education Politics
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Critical Issues In Education
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This 8 page paper discusses a first grade class. It is a hypothetical case wherein a first grade teacher is trying to make some decisions about what to do with several students having great difficulties in language arts. The writer discusses some of the issues involved as well as options to help resolve the issues, such as using a student study team. Critical Issues in Education, 4th edition is referenced in terms of which chapters would be appropriate to this case. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: PGcrit.wps

Critique: “Liberal Arts: The Key to the Future” by Roger E. Herman
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A 5 page critique on the article “Liberal Arts: The Key to the Future” by Roger E. Herman. Bibliography lists 2 additional sources.
Filename: RAkeyher.rtf

Cultural And Gender Influences In Education And Organizations
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20 pages in length. Education is becoming an elusive entity for many students who are not equipped to learn the 'American' way. The underpinning of socioeconomic, gender, racial and cultural components often erects barriers that prevent certain populations from engaging in the learning process with their Caucasian counterparts. Indeed, the extent to which the academic process is skewed toward American teaching ideals is both grand and far-reaching; that such marginalizing aspects as language deficiency, gender construct, stereotype vulnerability and standardized testing serve to segregate some student populations from receiving an equal education speaks to the manner by which different backgrounds may cause students difficulty in fitting in with a particular classroom culture, often instigating negative influence upon the self-esteem, perceived abilities as well as how they approach their studies and career choices. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TLCCulGndEdu.rtf

Cultural Diversity in the School Library
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A 5 page paper on the necessity of diversifying school library books to meet the needs of a modern, multicultural student population. Biblliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: Library.wps

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This 3 page paper examines the curricular innovations and reforms which need to be examined as pertains to the at risk student. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: MBcurref.rtf

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