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Papers On Education
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Applied Behavior Analysis And Discrete Trial Training: The Most Effective Way To Help Autistic Children Learn
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23 pages in length. Autistic people are unable to learn and communicate in the same ways that society expects one to learn and communicate, inasmuch as their thought processes do not follow the same logical progression as others. Because of this severe limitation, it is imperative for an autistic individual to be able to learn and express himself through various alternative methods – such as applied behavior analysis, discrete trial training and augmentative communication - that circumvent the frustration typically experienced through traditional approaches. Bibliography lists 22 sources.
Filename: TLCAutism.rtf

Applied Behavior Analysis With ADHD Students
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A 4 page paper that reports the key steps in the applied behavior analysis approach to behavior management. Examples are used to illustrate the positive outcomes of this approach. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PGapamg.rtf

Applying Educational Planning Principles in Physical Education
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A 5 page paper discussing developing comprehensive physical education programs. Everyone associated with education is well aware of the struggles that public education has been facing for some time in meeting demands for greater educational results, greater accountability and overall enhanced performance. Physical education all too often is overlooked in this debate, although it also is important in setting a life-long mind set focused on health and well being. Eight planning elements - vision, standards, assessment, accountability, alignment with other district priorities, school environment, collaboration, and continuous improvement – can help districts develop and implement comprehensive physical education programs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: KSeduPEprin.rtf

Applying Popper to Educational Research
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A 5 page paper applying Karl Popper’s approach to the scientific method to educational research. There is a wealth of research in education, much of it virtually worthless. For decades, it seemed that researchers turned to qualitative methods only when they could not fit hypotheses into quantitative approaches, and qualitative studies frequently were not designed well with reference to validity and reliability. The result was that method purists often regarded qualitative educational research as less than “real” science. Today’s educational research is designed much better than in the past. It still could benefit from the application of Karl Popper’s approach to the scientific method, however, which approaches validity and theory verification from a different perspective. Bibliography lists 13 sources.
Filename: KSeduResPop.rtf

Applying Reimers and McGinn's "Informed Dialogue" to Namibia
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A 6 page paper applying the principles of "Informed Dialogue : Using Research to Shape Education Policy around the World" to formulating educational policy in Namibia. While reaching informed decisions and then implementing them is the ultimate goal of the process described by the authors, the interactions of those involved in the process are nearly as important as the outcome of their discussions and negotiations. Each aspect of the decision-making process is seen as being valuable not only to improving education and reducing its elitist components, but also in contributing to building a national goal in enhancing the lives of those who had been so flagrantly discriminated against in the colonial system. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: KSeduNamibia.wps

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