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Papers On Juvenile Justice
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Conflict Theory as it Relates to Juvenile Delinquency
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In 8 pages the author discusses conflict theory as it relates to juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency is seen as a serious problem in the American society. Students in sociology and criminology need to be grounded in the reasons behind this widespread occurrence. One of the many theories that has been applied to juvenile delinquency, is conflict theory. Conflict theory is, basically, the theory that because of conflicts (strife, struggles, disagreements), the juvenile becomes a delinquent individual. Bibliography lists 12 Sources.
Filename: PCctjuv.doc

Connection Between Child Abuse and Delinquency
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A 5 page paper which examines the linkage between abuse and neglect to juvenile crime and specifically considers the reasons for this connection as well as explores some possible remedies. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TGabusejd.rtf

Correlation Between Poor Nutritional Habits And Criminal Behavior
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9 pages in length. The relationship between nutritional deficiencies and psychological disorders has been well established through scientific research, so it is not surprising to find how poor eating habits lend themselves to criminal activity. The prevalence of junk food and refined sugar in the young American diet has long been the cause for a multitude of physical problems like obesity, diabetes and poor cardiovascular health, however, the mental issues brought about by such nutrient deficient consumables has been shown to manifest in aggression, hostility and violence that readily translates into criminal activity. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: TLCnutricrm.rtf

Crack - Cocaine and Crime / A Youth Problem
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A 25 page thesis that considers the impact of early onset use of crack cocaine and deviant criminal behavior in youth populations. Thesis is supported by a study which is designed to demonstrate the correlation between youth crack use and youth crime, with a specific concentration on early use data. Bibliography with 12 sources.
Filename: Crackcrm.wps

Crime And Youth: How Family Relations Contribute To The Development
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12 pages in length. Figuring out what makes people commit crimes has been the focus for ages of civilized societies. From the ancient Greeks who first introduced the concept of law to the twenty-first century, myriad theories have been developed as a way in which to explain how and why some people fall into criminal behavior. One of the most common threads to appear is how much impact family relations has upon whether or not adolescents become criminally active. Indeed, familial structure has undergone a tremendous shift over the past half century as mothers went to work, fathers held two jobs and children were left to learn right and wrong from the television. Abuse, neglect and incompetent parenting methods represent several significant reasons why adolescents may be pushed toward criminal activity. Even religion can cultivate intensely conflicting emotions that drive juveniles to crime. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: TLCcrimefam.rtf

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