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Papers On Anthropology
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Contact To Conflicts, The Emergence Of Violence
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Black Picket Fences by Mary Pattillo-McCoy explores the inherent violence of the poverty culture and how it influences the black middle class community; Samuel Wilson in The Emperor's Giraffe, explores many different meanings of violence as they pertain specifically to the initial contact between cultures and Benjamin R. Barber in Jihad vs. McWorld questions the future of democracy in a world defined either by the religious fundamentalism or capitalism. This 5 page paper examines these three books in terms of the relationship between contact and culture. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: KTvlcalt.wps

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This 10 page paper gives examples of the many mentors and indigenous peoples that have had an influence on the work and life of anthropologist/ethnobotonist Dr. Wade Davis. This paper also speaks of Davis's predictions for the future of diversity and multiculturalism. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: mbdavis2.rtf

Creation Myths: A Comparison of Hindu and Nigerian (Yoruba) Accounts of the Creation of the World
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A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting these two myths. While there are distinct differences, there are often many similarities between the creation myths of even widely diverse cultures. Such is the case for the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Hindu people of India. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: PPmythCr.rtf

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This 3 page paper compares and contrasts the creation myths of Australia and Egypt. Examples given. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: MBcrmyth.rtf

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A 3 page paper on the Creole population. Among issues discussed are who are Creoles and who are Cajun, and when and where did they come from.
Filename: Creole.doc

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